Our Board

Spencer “Smokey” Payne

Board Member & Executive Director

Hailing from the great state of Tennessee, Spencer is lifter of weights, a driver of Blackhawks, and a closet nerd. He is supported by his lovely wife Aley and their dog Blue. Spence has transitioned from active service and is pursuing his MBA from The University of Tennessee in addition to continued flying with the TN ARNG.

Brett “Cherub” Kroll

Board Member & Chief Financial Officer

Founded in the metro Detroit area, Brett is a transitioning Army Officer and UH-60 driver. Serving as a Co-Founder of Brotallion, LLC as well as the Blue Skies Foundation, Brett manages all things marketing and fulfillment. As a passionate Husband and Father Brett works everyday to embody the mantra; Friendship, Freedom, Flight, and Fitness. Earn your spot.

Kyle “Coast” Kilroy

Board Member & Secretary

Kyle is a California native who pretends to be a pilot in the Army, but really commands a desk. He has a wife, an amazing baby boy, and plans to make a transition out of the Army to continue pursuing his dream of flight in the U.S. Coast Guard. He enjoys slaying weights in the gym in addition to giving out bad advice to fellow gym rats. He can be found in the squat rack yelling obscenities or in the sky chasing tail winds and blue skies.