Our Vision

The mission of the Brotallion Blue Skies Foundation is to
support the next-of-kin of fallen Army Aircrew.


The Blue Skies Foundation was founded by three Active Duty Army Aviators in early 2020. Each serving the better part of a decade to include a combat deployment, they were very familiar with the inherent risk of their jobs.

Two members, while serving in liaison positions with Special Forces Groups, experienced firsthand the positive effects that organizations like the Green Beret Foundation were able to have on the families of fallen Green Berets. Nothing like this existed for the Army Aviation Community.

On September 26, 2019, MAJ Trevor Joseph was killed in a UH-60 crash in Fort Polk, LA. The following day they decided to leverage their pull in the community to make a difference.

The Foundation

The foundation is a veteran founded nonprofit organization dedicated to providing post-mishap support for the Army Aviation community and their families. In addition to providing financial support to the next-of-kin, we ensure that their legacies are never forgotten.

We honor our fallen brothers and sisters through generous donations, volunteering, business relationships, and by the sale of apparel from our shop.